Publié : 4 janvier 2013
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Christmas craft...

Creating a reindeer card for Christmas

Homemade crafts for the holidays are so much fun.
We are going to bring you a nice homemade gift idea that is big on heart and low on investment.
What makes a better reindeer than your own hand ? You not only get a cute craft, but you get the memory of your handprints.

You will need :
- a piece of thin cardboard (e.g. a cereal box)
- a sheet of plain paper
- a pair of scissors
- a glue stick
- a coloured pipe cleaner
- a small piece of ribbon
- a ’googly eye’
- a pen (preferably a glittery one)
- decorative materials (e.g. stickers, glitter...)
- a hole puncher

Follow the steps and have fun !

The Euro 4 wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year !!!!

Sam & Mrs Bidois

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